P r a c t i c i n g  P e r f o r m a n c e  aims at bringing artists together to share, exchange, and play in the studio. Our goal is to build a platform through which to bring artists together from different communities in a safe space where they can ask questions, share their personal experiences, and enrich the field at large through this shared dialogue.

It’s aimed for 18 and up, professional dancers, teachers, and performers, to develop their stage and creative skills. 

 (2019) in Philadelphia

*** made with the support of Free Fringe Philly ***

Over 4 hours, we will introduce ourselves, we will:

  • daydream together about alternative performative space, alternative working environments, about actual work.
  • practice together, come and bring a score or anything you may be dreaming about to work on with people, and lastly…
  • build together. Create a lab or playground where we can perform, watch, investigate, it’s open. Finally…
  • let’s talk. What does Philly need? How can we help and build collectively what we want as artists living in the same city?


dates    Sunday September 29th 2019

when    12pm to 4pm

where    Panorama Philly, Philadelphia (5213 Grays Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143)

price    FREE


Panorama Philly



see previous edition 2017

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P r a c t i c i n g  P e r f o r m a n c e   is  run  by  acmeArts LLC