P r a c t i c i n g  P e r f o r m a n c e  is a dance festival about sharing and exchanging, a place where people can meet on equal grounds to share tools, knowledge, and to foster a sense of togetherness. We hope that gathering artists from different backgrounds and contexts sparks an environment where we can support different ways of working and thinking.

PP begins to bridge the gap between different dance communities. The exchange of knowledge through classes, workshops, practices, and performances begins with discourse about the what, why, and how of what we do in our field.

For the 2019 edition, we will focus on the artistic community of Philadelphia. Their needs, crafts, dreams and desires.

This space is supportive and caring.
This space is working towards the development of art practices.
This space is an exchange of ideas.
This space is critically thinking about dance and its place today.
This space is for training skills (for performance, for creation).

Yes to details
Yes to craft
Yes to specificity without knowing exactly what it is
Yes to specificity through practice and performance
Yes to attentiveness that provokes thinking through experiencing
Yes to witnessing and performing vulnerability
Yes to sharing time and space with and for people
Yes to art practicing care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect
Yes to questioning dance’s historical value to transform our ideas about the future
Yes to dreaming of possibilities



For the 2017 and special  first year edition, we focused on the twofold performer’s body through practice and performance. We had our technical moving-dancing skills and our thinking-language based performing skills. We explored these different practices and how they are interchangeable whether it be in the studio or on the stage.

2017 video



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P r a c t i c i n g  P e r f o r m a n c e   is  run  by  acmeArts LLC