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Albert Quesada · Katie Vickers

2017 edition:

Andrew Robinson Champlin  · Eleanor Bauer  · Tale Dolven & Gabel Eiben



Albert Quesada is a Spanish dancer and choreographer based between Brussels and Barcelona. He trained at MDT (Amsterdam) and PARTS (Brussels) after his studies of philosophy and multimedia engineering in Barcelona. The exploration and translation of musical structures and compositions into choreography and the invitation of an audience to perceive and to listen to the proposed works, stands at the heart of Quesada’s choreographic work.
– Next to that, Albert is intrigued by group movement and dynamics, sparkled by his collaboration with ZOO/Thomas Hauert. Under the company ACME, he holds many artistic projects, both educational and for the stage. This is together with his long term collaborators Marcus Baldemar, Federica Porello, Mireia de Querol, and Zoltán Vakulya.
Together with Katie Vickers he co-directs two educational programs in the USA: the theatre and dance summer program at Mercersburg Academy, and the Practicing Performance / International Dance Festival at the Ohio State University.
– In 2005 Albert created Solo on Bach & Glenn which has been touring since, and which gave birth to the duet Solos Bach & Gould (2010). This was followed by Trilogy (2011), created with Vera Tussing, an evening of three short pieces exploring musical structures. Albert then expanded into larger, group choreographies with the pieces Ensemble (2012), Slow Sports (2012) and Wagner & Ligeti (2014), an examination of our understanding of orchestral music, Slow Sports Outdoors (2014), Slow Sports Kids (2015), OneTwoThreeOneTwo (2015), a duet inspired by the world of flamenco, and VIVA (2016), where the amateur group De Genoten dances to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.
Since June 2009 Albert has been dancing with the company ZOO – Thomas Hauert (Accords, You’ve Changed, In Vivo Danse, Mono, Inaudible). He has also performed for Benjamin Vandewalle.


andrew_champlin_artistic_photoAndrew Robinson Champlin was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where he started dancing as a kid. Andrew began his professional life as an apprentice dancer with Oregon Ballet Theatre before relocating to New York City to continue training at The School of American Ballet.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eugene Lang College, the New School for Liberal Arts, focusing on dance and sociology. He has worked with artists such as David Gordon, Miguel Gutierrez, Madeline Hollander, Heather Kravas, Xavier le Roy, Ryan McNamara, Jillian Peña, Pam Tanowitz, and Christopher Williams. Andrew teaches at The New School University and assists the renown ballet instructor Janet Panetta domestically and abroad.



Eleanor Bauer is a performer and performance-maker who works at the intersections of choreography, dance, writing, music, and performance. Her pieces range in scale and media towards challenging categories, methods of producing, and ways of thinking and talking about performance. Her versatile works have toured internationally to critical acclaim.
– Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, she studied at Idyllwild Arts Academy in California, holds a BFA in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, completed the Research Cycle at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, and is a current PhD candidate in the University of the Arts in Stockholm. She has been artist in residence at Kaaitheater in Brussels from 2013-2016, is co-founder of an open-source format for exchange of practices in the performing arts called Nobody’s Business (www.nobodysbusiness), and produces her own works within the structure GoodMove vzw since 2007 (
– Alongside making her own work, Bauer also teaches and writes about dance, choreography, and performance, and maintains collaborations with other choreographers, artists, composers, and directors. She has worked as a performer with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas, Xavier Le Roy, Trisha Brown, Matthew Barney, Boris Charmatz, Mette Ingvartsen, David Zambrano, Emily Roysdon, Ictus, The Knife, and others.


Katie Vickers is an American artist (dancer/choreographer) who lives in Brussels, Belgium. After receiving her BFA in performing arts at The Ohio State University (2010), she moved to Europe to further study dance and graduated from P.A.R.T.S (2010-2014). Throughout her studies, Katie organized jams and taught numerous classes and workshops throughout the US and Europe. Alongside Albert Quesada, Katie co-directs the Mercersburg Academy Summer Program for Dance and Theatre and Practicing Performance: International Dance Festival at The Ohio State University. In 2012, Katie created her solo Ode To That Dance, which performed in Belgium, Germany, and the United States. Since  2013, she’s been collaborating with Benjamin Pohlig in their creations Techno-Tarantella-Novella (2013) and 5 Seasons (2016), as well as Inga Huld Hákonardóttir with their creation Slogan For Modern Times (2014).
– She has also worked with and for Benjamin Vandewalle (BE), Vera Tussing (GE), Martin Nachbar (GE), Daniel Linehan (USA), Kendell Geers (RSA) and Janine Harrington (UK) and was recently a guest artist for the Cullberg Ballet in ‘Figure a Sea’ choreographed by Deborah Hay. She is on tour with Slogan For Modern Times, 5 Seasons, and will begin her new project  We Will Have Had Darker Futures in January 2017.


Tale Dolven aT&G.jpegnd Gabel Eiben started working together in 2014 and has since created three pieces, combining text and movement on stage.
Tale is a Norwegian dancer, graduated from PARTS in 2004 in Brussels. She has ten years of experience at Rosas dance company with choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, as well as having worked with Kris Verdonck, Benjamin Vandewalle and Doris Uhlich.
Gabel is an actor from Pennsylvania, and has worked for six years with the New York Avant Garde theatre group Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, as well as performing with SITI Company for Anne Bogart and Jerome Bel. Tale and Gabels’ work combines their backgrounds from dance and theater in a playful and humorous manner.

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