International Dance Festival

1s edition (2017) happened at The Ohio State University

Monday July  31st – Friday August 11th 2017

For this special 2017’s edition, we had workshops with artists that worked for: Rosas  –  Trisha Brown  –  ZOO / Thomas Hauert  –  Nature Theatre of Oklahoma  –  Deborah Hay  –  SITI Company  –  Miguel Gutierrez  –  Xavier le Roy  –  Pam Tanowitz  –  Matthew Barney  –  Boris Charmatz


P r a c t i c i n g
  P e r f o r m a n c e 
is a 2 week festival that aims at bringing European based and American artists together to share, exchange, and play in the studio. Our goal is to build a platform through which to bring artists together from both of these communities in a safe space where they can ask questions, share their personal experiences, and enrich the field at large through this shared dialogue.

This 2 week course is aimed for 18 and up, professional dancers and performers, to develop their stage and creative skills.